My History

I have added a link to my old, archived, blog; my original random blather. It’s the link on the right, and aptly named “My Old Blog”.

I started reading through it, and before I knew it, I had read it from beginning to end. (Or actually from end to beginning).

Feel free to click and browse through yourself, and try not be too annoyed with all the broken links. Among the posts about our new car, camping trips, and vacation pictures, I found a few gems. Posts that I don’t recall writing but do remember the events that inspired the post.

One, in particular, was about a headphone wearing teenager on the Skytrain who dodged a fine for riding without a ticket by stepping into a crowd of people at the next stop. The notable quote from that post was “I wish arrogance was illegal, and you could arrest someone for being a prick.”

But one post I did that deserves a re-post here is when I did a numbers analysis of the long distance relationship Kate and went through from 1997 to 2001.

So once again, for your viewing pleasure is an excerpt from “extreme dating” originally posted July 24, 2006.

These numbers are approximate, as I can’t remember some of the exact numbers. So here we go:

We start in 1997 when Kate was in Canada for a year visiting. I won’t count the time in ’97 we didn’t date… So we were together for 3 months.

90 days together – 0 days apart

Then the next time we saw each other was a year later when I flew down there for 6 weeks.

132 days together – 365 days apart

We discovered that one year apart was too much… so we decided every 6 months one of us would fly over to the other’s country. So after a couple years later, the score looked like this:

153 days together – 665 days apart

Then in the fall of 2000, we we got engaged in New York. (I had bought the ring a year earlier). But our engagement lasted 15 months… spent in separate countries.

174 days together – 1,115 days apart

So in terms of connected time, by the time I was flying down to Australia to marry Kate, we had spent less than half a year together, and more than 3 years apart.

The approximate score now? A much more respectable 1,847 days together and 1,115 days apart. And for those people keeping track, that means that we were married for 2 years before the time apart equaled the time together!

Not that anyone’s counting…


One response to “My History

  1. So, reading this lead me to see if any of my old blogs were still kicking around. I managed to dig up 300 posts still archived on Blogger, they just needed a new address to post to, so I threw them up at

    I’ve been reading through a bunch of them, and I totally get what you mean about not remembering writing them, but being able to recall the events that occurred in them. I think I’m going to try and start blogging again. It’s really cool to look back on. I like it better than Facebook posts because there seem to be a lot more stories. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

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